Yeezy Boost 350 V2’s“Zebra” And “Semi-Frozen Yellow” Colorways Will Return Again

Compared with Nike, Adidas Yeezy has recently been low-key and monotonous since a few months ago. Nike was hot and positive last week that the new goods were also one after another. Yesterday, I skimmed through the news about sneakers, finally found the information about Adidas Yeezy.

Yeezy Boost 350 V2’s“Zebra” and“Semi-Frozen Yellow” colorways will restock in the October 2018. The two pairs of Yeezy are always the hottest and most eye-catching goods since they are on sale. They were constructed with Primeknit upper, sharp stripes and rubber sole.  After the first released of Yeezy, its shoe models has been increasing and the popularity also has been beginning to jump. Each time the release amount don’t catch up with the need one.

At the present, Yeezy even plans to restock a few sneakers that are hotter and more exciting in the public mind. but this information about the restock is not reliable and we don’t clear the specific release date and amount of the two model shoes.

The “Semi-Frozen Yellow” and “Zebra” colorways will keep the previous retail price but it they may increase in the late period. After all, every pair of Yeezy shoes is very popular and grabbed madly by sneakerheads.

Give you some official pictures and information about the “Semi-Frozen Yellow” and “Zebra” colorways below the article that make you call back the memory about Yeezy and we keep upgrading more news about Adidas Yeezy.

Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 “Semi-Frozen Yellow” 
Release Date: October 2018
Price: $220
Color: Semi Frozen Yellow/Raw Steel/Red
Style Code: B37572

Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 “Zebra” 
Release Date: October 2018
Price: $220
Color: White/Core Black-Red
Style Code: CP9654






Air Jordan 1 has released a lot of hot sneakers in the first half of this year, today, I summarize these sneakers.

1Jordan 1 Retro High NRG Patent Gold Toe

Gold Toe

This pair released in Feb and increased to about $200, even some sizes are more expensive.

2Jordan 1 Retro High Bred Toe

Bred Toe

“Bred” has grabbed the public eyeball and caused many topics since it released. The price has become higher and higher, the popularity also has become hotter and hotter. The price must already overrun around $220.

3, Jordan 1 Retro High Game Royal

Game royal

this shoe is composed of the white, black and blue colors like fragment design. Now, its price is not high, but popularity is still hot. If you haven’t enough money, you can think of this pair. but this colorway seems to have sold out.

4Jordan 1 Retro High Shadow (2018)


This a very classic OG colorway, but this body tone is a bit dark and lacks highlights. Thus, the price doesn’t rise.

5Jordan 1 Retro High Think 16 (Pass the Torch)

Pass the Torch

Silvering plating is the classic color of Spurs and was used the main hue of this pair.

The entire sneaker is full of representative significance.

6 Best Hand In The Game pack

“Best Hand In The Game”

This series includes the four colorways, the expensive one is the Track Red and Yellow Ochre, Blue Moon and Clay Green is relatively cheap.

7Jordan 1 Retro High Satin Shattered Backboard (W)

Satin Shattered Backboard

This colorway adopts the premium silk material to enhance the texture and gloss.

The current price has already risen many times.

8Air Jordan 1 Homage To Home

“Homage To Home”

this pair is the combination of The Banned and Chicago colorways, thus causing super high popularity affirmatively.










Retro shoes have predominated the entire sneakers since last year, but the leader of this trend—Yeezy 700 doesn’t release on a large scale. Only released with less amount in November 2017 and March 2018 in the US, therefore, Yeezy 700 is covered with a little mysterious flavor.

The shoebox of Yeezy 700 inherits the style of Yeezy 350 ‘s drawer, 700 text on the box reveals the sneaker identity and the whole design is very simple and unique.

The upper is constructed with many materials including fur, mesh, leather and 3M fabrics, which upgrade the fashionable level and texture of the pair. the white, black and grey are the main hue of upper, embellishing green and orange that give off a low-key and fashionable aura.


Yeezy 700’s midsole still utilizes the Boost tech, 700 more adopts Boost design of the rare inline style and EVA material midsole enveloped the full palm Boost that ensures the softness and avoids the oxidation problem of Boost.


Mauve colorway will be on sale in November this year and retails for $300 a pair.

Recent years, numerous brands have launched own Dad shoes and want to make more profits from sneaker market. Different brands endow Dad shoes with different style, let’s enjoy these pop shoes.


YEEZY 500 “SUPER MOON YELLOW” Arrives in June.

Yeezy 500

The Adidas Yeezy 500 has experienced a little controversy due to its shape and retail price.

other colorways of Adidas Yeezy 500 are releasing this summer.

The pair features a chunky appearance that makes many fans feel dissatisfied and a little disappointed. The collection design derives from the trend of Dad Shoes that was very prevalent at that time.

The Adidas Yeezy 500 “Super Moon Yellow” will return in the next month like the recently published “ Blush” version of Yeezy 500. The whole shoe tone is wrapped by the “Super Moon Yellow” that is very fit for relieving the hot in summer. The buttery and light yellow is a fresh and cool color give people a  gust of exhilarating aura. Originally, Yeezy 500 as a part of a $780 package. However, the pair will cost $200 on June 9th,2018 that will be more available for most fans.

The below of the passage will provide some images for you and I hope that you continue to focus on the information about this pair.


Adidas Yeezy 500 “Super Moon Yellow” 
Release Date: June 9th, 2018
Price: $200
Color: Super Moon Yellow
Style Code: DB2966





Yeezy 500 is not as classic as Yeezy 350V2, this is my personal point.

The look design of Yeezy 500 is very fit for the modern fashion trend. But it is not unique enough because other models of Dad shoes has already shown in the sneaker market.


Yeezy 350V2 features the BOOST tech and the unique look design that make so many people very curious and want to put on it soon to enjoy the new tech.


I feel it is not beautiful at all and even a little ugly when I first see Yeezy 350V2. but it gives me a deep impression.

Later, many stars also start to wear the shoe and now we can see Yeezy 350V2 everywhere.

Another reason is that Yeezy 500 hasn’t the BOOST tech, so its softness must be inferior to Yeezy 350V2’s. people who buy Yeezy 350V2 due to its softness. Thus leading to many Yeezy fans wouldn’t like to buy Yeezy 350.


Now, I have a question. Is Yeezy 500 worth buying?

After all, it hasn’t the BOOST tech an the classic degree is not equivalent to the Yeezy 350V2. You can buy to meet your own desire if you have money and want to seek the trend.


These are my point and you entirely opposed me.

Everyone has own thought and aesthetic standard.

Did You Buy These New Yeezy Shoes?


Taking to the famous Yeezy, the buddies must be very familiar with it. The most classic series of Yeezy 350 V2 has been a necessity of each star and fashion icons. You can’t miss the newest model of Yeezy 500 as a fashionable person.


Yeezy shoes have been madly grabbed by the consumers once they start to release. Even you don’t a pair of  Yeezy shoes with enough money. Now I inventory a few pairs of Yeezy shoes and lead you to appreciate the glamour of Yeezy.

Adidas Yeezy Desert Rat 500 Blush


Adidas cooperates with Kanye again that creates the Yeezy 500.

This collection meets the current trend that Dad Shoes and uses the unique design idea and way which must be an extremely popular good.



I believed that the buddies must very learn about the surface of Yeezy 750 Boost. Kanye design it into a high heel shoe and is as excellent as Nike. This pair makes the sneaker become the most fashionable and leading fashion goods and the sports style and fashion perfectly combinate which let all people love it.


Its iconic design is the velcro upper and the inside zip detail that let this pair appears stronger fashion sense. It also inherits the traditional style of Yeezy that providing numerous colorways for the people to pick.

YEEZY 350 V2

YEEZY 350 V2

The Yeezy 350 V2 series is a darling on fashion circle. We always see lots of stars wear it in the various street snap, fashion week and even daily life.  It should be the most classic model and super high popularity of Yeezy. It seems that students, adults, starts, and models are all loved wearing it. We can even say that everyone loves Yeezy

Yeezy 350V2 contains all kind of colorways that can be satisfied with various needs of fashion icons.



YEEZY 500 Possesses The Different Softness

Dad Shoe is undoubtedly the most hotted shoes this year and the public said it was too ugly and strange in the first appearance. But later, people aesthetic was transformed by these Dad Shoes.
Fashion is a transmigration and fashion is a gust of whirlwind. The most famous and popular Dad Shoes in the fashion circle mainly include Balenciaga, LV, YEEZY and other brands.
Today, we introduce and discuss one of the leading of Dad Shoe is YEEZY 500.


We can find the box that is similar to the previous YEEZY 350 V2 ’s, but its size is smaller than 350 V2. BOOST 500 box doesn’t print the logo of BOOST because its midsole doesn’t use BOOSTtech.



All Adidas logos of  YEEZY  500 has changed three lines logo from the previous Adidas Originals clover, which is a small transformation but it implies deeper level meaning.  YEEZY  has launched the cooperation plan with Adidas in the round. Probably  YEEZY basketball shoes will be published in the soon future.


First, the colorway of  YEEZY 500 is very favorable and so many different materials combine together that the unity keeps pretty good. The leather of shoe surface is very exquisite, the shoe tongue and body’s lines possess 3M reflective trait and the heavy and thick sponge is used for filling the upper, which is very decent and elaborate in every detail.

In addition to Adidas and Yeezy logo, The insole also prints the font of Ortholite that is a vendor of exclusively produces the high-end insole. almost all high-end shoes use this insole. We often say the O insole that is Ortholite.

Even though this time officials do n’t promote but some sneaker fans also discover that the whole outsole YEEZY 500 is exactly the same as the previous KB8 III. AdiPRENE+ also be equipped with YEEZY 500 but the little human logo on the inside of outsole replaces the Adidas logo.



As for foot feeling,  YEEZY 500 is very soft and light.
Although it doesn’t adopt BOOST tech, it is absolutely not a moccasin. The inside of the shoe is constructed with a heavy sponge that is so soft, but it will be a little frowst in hot weather.

You can pick loose hoodies or sweatpants to match this Dad Shoe and they perfectly match.

Yeezy 350 Boost V2 “Sesame

This shoes will be on sale in August and decorated with sesame that reflects Kanye’s preference for earth color style.

This colorway will be more all-match and dirt-resistant. The pair of shoes will have a nice performance in practicability.

Recently, the physical picture has been shown. We can see this colorway has the unique tone and reflects a kind of different character.

The released date will be hot summer, but it equipped with Primeknit upper and Boost midsole. You will wear this pair of shoes in hot summer that must be a good choice.

Yeezy Surface

Yeezy UpperLet us feel the special charm of Yeezy 350 Boost V2 “Sesame ahead of time.





What Does SPLY Mean on Yeezy 350?


This year, many luxuriant and pop brands have become extremely hot due to the same design element.

BALENCIAGA and OFF-WHITE have been prominent, the new products of Dior and Gucci have become explosive models, These situations are closely relevant to the element that let various products endow personality and identification. The element is the slogan.

Why is slogan so hot pop element? Maybe it can directly pass on brand figure and spirit to you. The slogan is unparalleled and representative that makes people easily remember and deeply impressed.


This design element has been a pop trend in recent two years. it looks simple but the spirit behind of it is abundant. What does SPLY mean on Yeezy 350. As a real Sneakerhead, you must know its mean.

1,  Yeezy 350

YEEZY 350 V2

The hot degree of Yeezy is recognized by the whole shoe circle, but some people don’t clear what does really SPLY mean。

There are a few versions on the internet. Some people say it is ab of for me, the most authorized and cultural version is ab of Saint Pablo Loves You.

You can find  Pablo usually appear in Kanye’s works and designs but“Saint Pablo” is an exemplification and explanation of Kanye’s life spirit. A simple slogan can stand for the real pop-soul of Yeezy.

Next, we will look at other slogans.

2, Phralle x NMD


Adidas also contracts another the king of shipment who is Pharrell Williams. They jointly create Adidas NMD HU that is very popular. Besides the trait of bright color, the bold and special slogan also attracts people eyeballs.


Besides this high recognition and interest of slogan such as“HUMAN RACE” and“YOU NERD. JIA ZU and YOU REN are written in Chinese and Indian style slogan give us different and magic experience.

3, OFF-WHITE x Nike

nike shoes
OFF-WHITE x Nike’s slogan has become one of the most representative design element in entire series. The lateral of Shoe body has bold graffiti and the inside paints a paragraph English records the time and place of this cooperation.

Virgil Abloh can write these people name by himself when he presents these shoes to a few stars. A simple idea makes a pair of shoes more unique and causes news that helps add attention and topic.


4, VLONE x Nike Air Force

nike air

VLONE x Nike Air Force 1 similarly possesses this brand spirit slogan, “Every Living Creative Dies Alone” lies on the back of the heel of Air Force 1 that perfectly shows decadent and cool temperament.
This slogan seems a little plain but its content is reflective. It utilizes a strong art sense to pass implication.

5, DIY slogan


  A lot of stars can write and draw on his own gym shoes. James,  Curry and other NBA players can write his families’ names on sneakers to encourage himself and load good luck to gain the victory of the match.

In our daily life, you only write a slogan on your shoes if you want to be different with others.


A slogan is the most popular design element nowadays, do you get it.

NASA x VANS Old Skool Joint Shoe Exposure!

VANS has always been one of the darlings of major fashion brands rushing to launch co-branded shoes. To know the street overlord Supreme have a proud street attitude,with will be stable with VANS launching different styles of joint shoes every quarter. It is enough to prove that Supreme is fond of the strength of VANS.

Today, there was a big god on Instagram who exposed an Old Skool co-branded shoe that VANS partnered with NASA. As shown in the picture, the shoes use Old Skool as the shoe sole, the overall color is white, and the gray at the tongue as an auxiliary color, and the side of shoes are surveyed along with NASA‘s exclusive logo and the coordinates of the Aviation Bureau.

It is worth mentioning that the flag of the American Velcro on the heel of the shoe and the small mark on the tongue are very interesting in design and creativity, and the color of the shoe is perfectly matched with the American flag in the red and yellow color scheme. The use of leather fabric highlights the quality of its shoes, this joint shoe face value can be no exaggeration to kill the Supreme 2018 SS joint shoes. However, the release date of this VANS Old Skool x NASA is not yet clear, and interested friends can continue to follow up on our news.