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How To Order and Return&Refund:

1. Q: Do I need to pay the sales tax?

A: No, there is no sales tax on our site.


2. Q: What are the accepted payment methods?

A: We accept Credit Cards (Visa Master), Western Union and Bank Transfer.


3. Q: Do you accept international orders?

A: Yes, we accept orders from Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany , Greece, Greenland, Hong Kong,Ireland, Japan, Korea, Luxemburg, Malaysia, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Kingdom and the United Stated directly though our website. If your country or area is not in the list, contact us. We can ship your order almost anywhere in the world.


4. Q: How can I track my order?

Here is how you track your order:

Log into MY ACCOUNT to view the status of your order Track your shipment by using the tracing number provided to you once your intem(s) have been shipped.You cannot track your order before it has been shipped. If you don't know what your tacking number is or if you're aving difficulty tracking your package,feel free to contact our customer service department for assistance.


5. Q: Is my payment on your site secure?

A: All online payments are safe and secured. Our website has created a secure transaction environment. The ordering system we used is the industry standard for encryption technology-to protect your private information registered on our site. The encryption system provides you with security and peace of mind when your browser and local network supports the use of encrypted data transmissions.


6. Q: What should I do if I am getting an error when I pay with my credit card?

A: If you are trying to checkout using credit card as your payment method but receiving an error, please go back and place an order again, your previous orders placed without payment should be cancelled within 24 hours. Please check with your credit card company to verify that your card is in good standing, if your three orders or more did not go through, please contact us for assistance.


7. Q: What would happen if my order did not go through but my credit card charged?

A: If you did not receive an order confirmation number within 24-48 hours, your order was not completed. If your credit card is charged for the unsuccessful order, we will return funds to your credit card account. The refund will appear on to your credit card account within 24-48 hours, depending your credit card companys processing time. All successful orders that receive an order confirmation number will be charged when the item is shipped from our warehouse.


8. Q: What can I do, if I cannot place an order successfully online?

A: If you encounter this problem, please try the following steps: First, please clear the cookies, restart the browser, turn off Firewall and then try again. Second, if the problem persists, please change another computer or another internet browser, such as Firefox, and then try. Or you can try to login after several hours. Last, if the above steps dont work, you can contact us.

9. Q: Can I cancel my order?

A: Cancellation must be requested before the item has been shipped. We typically processed the order within 24 hours and shipped the item within 24-48 hours. After the item has been shipped, the order cannot be cancelled.


10. Q: How do I cancel an order?

A: Please contact our customer service via email within 24 hours of purchasing. But please be advised that sometimes the items are shipped within 24 hours after the placement of the order, depending on the time you place the order the closer to the parcel pick-up time (by shipping companies), the faster the items are shipped.


11. Q: What should I do if my order never arrived?

A: Be sure that all of your orders have shipped already. If your order displays your package on the tracking website has been sent, and you don't receive it in 2 weeks; please contact customer service for assistance.


12. How long will it take to receive my order?

A:Normally the  package can be delivered with 3-5days,the length of time in which you receive your order will depend on many factors such as the shipping method as well as the location of the shipping address.

Once your order has shipped,you will receive a tracking number by email,eabling you to track your order.


13.What If I Forget My Password?

A:If you forgot your password,you can click forgot your password on the login page. We can quickly email you a link to reset your password.